New Works

  • Blossom

  • Market

  • Young Emperor

  • Shadow

  • Starlight

  • Cats

  • Sunflowers

Digital Art


Sometimes, humble prayer is more than fight.

Blossom and Maxwell

Fanart of Blossom and Maxwell, Battlerite character.




She knows how to take care of her forest.

Guardian of the Forest - remake

Wild within.


We are all made of stardust.


Let yourself rest ...


She cares , lovingly ...


There are people who know how to be free.

Traditional Art


"There are no ordinary cats". - Colette Oils 30cm x 40cm.


Some bonds are specific, yet strong. Oils 30cm x 30cm.


Acrylics on masonite 40cm x 30cm.

Cosy spot

Commissioned painting


Commissioned painting.

Still life with Peonies

Not available.

Wild Roses

Pencil on paper 21cm x 30cm.




Pencil on paper 21cm x 30cm.

White-tailed family

Pencil on paper 21cm x 30cm.

YouTube Videos

I am also making speedpaint videos of simple digital illustrations/studies, which you can find on YouTube.

latest video

my youtube channel

Open for Commissions

I am open for various commissions. I can work digitally or traditionally on your project, whether it's illustration, concept art, landscape, still life or even portrait of your beloved pet.

  • Blossom - digital fantasy portrait

  • Market - digital fantasy illustration

  • Rest - digital fantasy illustration

  • Isometric Art - digital

  • Landscape - oil painting

  • Sunny - pet portrait in acrylics

  • Aura - pet portrait in graphite pencils

  • Sunflowers - acrylic painting

  • Monkeys - graphite illustration

If interested, please contact me via e-mail

About Me

Painting guides me through my life, everyday .

Somewhere at the beginning, there is an idea, feeling or just a tiny leaf flickering in the wind, it is enough for me to start. I am contemplating, striving to grasp, immersing deeper, trying to understand. I am selecting the technique, preparing the medium, choosing the direction of the work. Then the whole space is an evidence of: "There is an painting ongoing, do not interfere". I approach...

I'm painting and in amazement I observe how ideas take on form, the color grants intensity...the creation comes alive. Sometimes I lose myself in workflow, not aware where the painting begins and where myself ends. In this moment I know, that everything is as it should be ... at that time I feel the joy. Following the brush strokes, as if it was not even my hand which is guiding it ... fascinating. Painting is my unique adventure, which I enjoy all the time.

It is not only about painting, it is about life also. From my own experience I know, that if I evolve as a human being, it will reflect in painting and vice versa. Often, you can notice the diversity of my work and that is caused by self development, client's commissions, by life itself. Then my work is recording steps of my journey. Perhaps I can say: "I am writing my diary by my paintings".

I dedicate myself to both traditional and digital creation, whether paintings, illustrations or even pet portraits. One of my greatest inspiration is nature herself. Her variety and freshness bears infinite space for creativity, understanding, growth.

Such life fills me with serenity.




Any questions? Please contact me.